Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show Interviews

Interview with Julia Armstrong (Sheffield Newspapers)

What aspects of Tommy Cooper does the audience see?

Commemorating 30 years since his sad passing, this is a special tribute show compiling rarely seen material from his early days and the very best of his gags and tricks from his extensive career. A celebration of Tommy Cooper and his unique comic genius – with magic, music and mirth.

What eras of his life does the show look at?

Interview with ‘The New Current’ Magazine

Tell me a little bit about your show, how did it come about?

Simply put, Tommy Cooper was unique. Unlike many of his contemporaries he stood by his stage act, which had brought him the acclaim in the first place. But there are no recordings of his live cabaret work. So I wanted to give my interpretation of Tommy Cooper in his ‘natural environment’ – working a live audience.

What was it about comedy that made you go ‘yeah this is me’?