An Apple a Day 2008 & 2009

Past Productions

Written by John Hewer
Directed by Jane Crawshaw

Dr. Lothanial Ostrich/Fred – John Hewer
Dr. Scott Free/Father O’ Four/Mrs. Knickerbockerglory – Laurence Mager
Mayor/Mr. Penterghast/Miss Plunger/Mr. Hackem/Daniel – Adam Shannon

applephoto_20080603_0208Medical Health Warning:
May Seriously Improve Your Sense of Humour

“A rip-roaring laugh of an evening. Ribs still aching from the laughing!”

Welcome to the sleepy village of Pulham Down, population twenty-seven and a half (not including the sheep) currently all in the care of Doctor Lothanial Ostrich. Enter the young, robust and recently graduated Doctor Scott Free; he’s bound to stir up trouble… Add to this a gaggle of madcap villagers and a bucketful of fake blood, An Apple A Day is a non-stop slapstick farcical experience that has been prescribed to tickle your funny bone!

An Apple A Day opened at Riverhead Theatre, Louth on 21st July 2008 and went on tour to: Broadbent Theatre Wickenby, EPPiC Theatre Sheffield, Thornton Little Theatre, People’s Theatre Newcastle, Seaton Delaval Community Centre and Etcetera Theatre, London. The show returned for a further tour in 2009, visiting Willoughby Village Hall and Tattershall Hall.