Piccadilly Circus

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Piccadilly Circus poster

A Horror Comedy by Kate McLennan
Directed by John Hewer

“This is a Piccadilly Line service. The next train will be…. Lost.”

Six people from different walks of life become lost in an old, abandoned tunnel deep in the London Underground Network. If that wasn’t bad enough. they only have a small amount of time to escape from the infamous ‘Piccadilly Circus’ before the chimes of Big Ben. Just what dangers, tricks and challenges will the team face? This brand new, exciting and exclusive KNOCKABOUT DARK COMEDY GOREFEST will have you jumping out of your seats. Will YOU escape the Piccadilly Circus?

Age restriction: 15+  

Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th April 2024, 7.30pm at Louth Riverhead Theatre


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