Spike Milligan Gala Night (Hambledon 15)

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Hambledon Productions Proudly Present


A post-war apocalyptic comedy
By John Antrobus and John Antrobus


“I think man has no option but to continue his own stupidity”
– Spike Milligan


It’s nine months after World War III, which lasted for two minutes and twenty-eight seconds, including the signing of the peace treaty. The survivors, a ragbag collection from across the class divides, are determined to make the most of the ultimate bleak situation and to slowly get the Empire back on its feet; with bizarre, hilarious, and even haunting results.


This ground-breaking, subliminal play from the 1960s, written by two of our greatest writers, carries an even greater relevance in our modern era. Packed with acerbic and surreal sense of humour and a clear descendant of the ever-popular Goon Show, this fresh revival boasts an updated script from co-writer John Antrobus and encourages us to do the humanitarian thing - laugh at ourselves.


The Bed Sitting Room is being presented as a rehearsed reading with the permission John Antrobus and The Spike Milligan Estate. This production is being held to commemorate fifteen years of local theatre company Hambledon Productions, twenty years since Spike’s passing, and sixty years since the original production.




The event also features The Milligan Exhibition, a Gala Raffle, special guests and free cake!